Monday, 21 November 2016

                              Stainless Steel had its day, and taking daylight savings into account, is still having its day !.  I never paid too much attention to the dishwasher in my home growing up , but I do remember my mom wiping the stainless down with a sham wow type of cloth every other day or so, looking back (now that I have my own kids, perhaps I could have offered to help :) anyways thanks mom!.  Not long ago my wife and I were lucky enough to build our dream home, and when it came to designing our kitchen (with the help of a designer which I recommend) we decided to panel (put a wood inlay to match our cabinetry) our dishwasher for many reasons, one of which was so my mom didn't have to come over and wipe down our stainless dishwasher. Seriously though, in our last home the stainless panel on our dishwasher after couple years looked like  Benjamin Button at the beginning of his life, all dented, scratched and grease marks everywhere - thank you kids, thank you yogurt hands, thank you hockey stick.  The integrated look of the paneled dishwasher is stunning, never a stain or a dent, always seemless, always keeps guests asking 'where is your dishwasher ? ' which is why you want a panel ready dishwasher .  Some brands to consider who make wonderful panel ready dishwashers are, Bosch, Miele, Asko, Kitchen Aid and Jenn Air, and within those brands you will find a price for everyone !. Wishing you best of luck with your build/reno - btw I can always recommend a marriage counselor as well for those of you building or reno'ing :)